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      Corporate Culture

      發布日期:2019.01.18 瀏覽次數(

      A family is just like the smallest country and a country is the largest family. A “family” can be that of three people, a country, and of course an enterprise.

      Enterprise is a common direction chosen by all the staff; enterprise is a bright sky held up by all the staff. People, or the staff making unremitting contributions is the basis of an enterprise. Therefore, nothing is more important than the happiness of the staff. I would like to be a happy entrepreneur, because I know that my happiness is concerned with the happiness of everyone in Purun. We need to create happiness, cherish happiness and more importantly, know how to spread happiness. A happy employee of Purun will set up a happy family. All these happy families will form a happy community, a happy city, a happy society and a happy country.

      Purun community gathers the Purun love. Because of love, we accompany each other without any regrets; because of our love to the family, we never regret and move forward with love. I’m a happy entrepreneur. I hope everyone who loves his or her family would have a happy home.

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